The Augusta Wellness Spa is conceived as a true Sanctuary of Health, Relaxation and Beauty with more than 7500 m2 of facilities and more than 40 treatment cabins, designed for serenity, harmony and well-being of both mind and body. With an Asian exotic design, each article has been carefully selected so that your body and mind can enjoy luxury and well-being throughout your stay in our Spa.

Here, you can enjoy an intense journey through the different cultures and therapies of the world bringing from India the benefits of Ayurveda, from Japan the ancient secret formula of Shiatsu, from China the energy of the Bamboo Canes, from Indonesia the Pleasant Aromatic Pindas of the Balinese Massage, and from Thailand the famous Thai Massage …

In our facilities there are 8 heated swimming pools (dynamic and swimming with lymphatic drainage, jacuzzis, jet armchairs, waterbeds, magic mushroom, waterfalls, swan necks waterfalls, water volcano …) pools for children, for adults only or for shared use between adults and children. We have 4 Finnish saunas, 2 Turkish baths and a Celtic bath, in addition to an extensive menu of manual therapies (Swedish massage, Shirodhara Ayurveda massage, Watsu massage in Flotarium, Shiatsu massage, Shi-Tao volcanic stone massage, Balinese massage, Thai massage, deep tissue massage, Vichy massage, foot reflexology, Zhú Gan massage with bamboo canes, and a long list of different manual therapies.

In addition, our Spa is equipped with the latest technology and the best treatment techniques to enjoy the most advanced and safe facial and body techniques.

  • INDIBA ® facial and body radiofrequency.
  • IPL (Intense pulsed light) ANTHÉLIA ® to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, including hair removal, photorejuvenation (e.g. the treatment of skin pigmentation, sun damage, and thread veins).
  • Ultrasound, electrostimulation and vacuum therapy MARS ® and EOSONIC ®.
  • Radiofrequency technology FOTON LIFT ® Bipolar biostimulation.
  • PHOTON PLATINUM ® capsules.

Our Wellness Spa uses the highest quality cosmetic brands offering the best advanced aesthetic treatments available which offer safety when applying to obtain visible results in the first session. (GERNETIC®, SOTHYS®, KLAPP®, MORJANA® or MATIS® among others).

In our Spa you can also enjoy treatments like Atlantis Royal bathtubs of 252 jets with a wide range of treatments, as well as wrapping cabins, water jets, UV-ray tanning cabins, hair salon and a complete gym with personal trainer services, as well as MIHA BODYTEC® electrostimulation vest, POWER PLATE® and SLIM BELLY®.

In addition, throughout the year you can enjoy Natural Life Activities, such as Fitness and Tai-chi, among others.



In this wonderful and spacious chill-out space there is a heated outdoor pool with chromotherapy, water jets and jacuzzi, as well as a private beach area with sun loungers, hammocks and chill-out beds. Without a doubt, an excellent space with all the comforts that allow you to enjoy a day at the beach without leaving the Resort. There is a specific children´s area for games and an aquapark so they can fully enjoy their time without disturbing the general relaxing atmosphere.

Our Caribbean Chill Spa also has a unique Snack Bar, the Huerto de San Ginés, where you can enjoy the best cocktail and food service during the summer season. Inside our resort there is an extended organic vegetable garden from which we provide the best organic ingredients to our restaurants and snack bars throughout the year.

It is also an ideal for special events to enjoy day and night due to its spectacular light and unique atmosphere thanks to the environment and incredible water views of the Ría de Pontevedra.


The children’s spa located in AUGUSTA II, is a space designed for the little ones to enjoy of the best facilities assuring their safeness: their own Jacuzzi and waterfalls, swimming area and AquaPark. These facilities are attached to the pool exclusively for adults, but acoustically separated, to obtain a calm atmosphere and relax for all the guests in our Resort.

Spa facilities for the little ones are completed with the children’s play area and heated outdoor AquaPark located in the Caribbean Chill Spa (AUGUSTA I).

In addition, we have a free service of Children’s Entertainment, of highly qualified staff with extensive experience, during all weekends of the year, Easter, summer and holidays. We also have at your disposal, and upon request, babysitting services available throughout the year.