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20th anniversary — cure natural life


Detox - Slimming - Fitness - Rejuvenation

Complete wellness program with the most effective integral health methodologies.

nutritional consultation
half board with full board option
wellness spa treatment

From 210€ per PAX / Day

Whats this package includes?

In Premium Double Room, Demi Suite, Family Suite or Master Suite

The medical consultation will take place after the tests and during the client’s stay at the Resort. The specialist in integrative medicine will explain the results of the tests as well as the guidelines to follow during and after the stay.

by a Health & Nutrition Coach Team during your entire stay

Per person every two days of stay: Yoga, Tai – Chi, Aquagym, Mindfulness, Nordic Walking or Healthy Cooking Class and Therapeutic Feeding *

An exhaustive anamnesis to which relevant tests are added to assess your state of health, blood pressure, heart rate, spirometry, temperature and oxygen saturation, as well as impedance test for determination of weight, height,% body fat,% body water, muscle mass, body mass index

With more than 100 references with healthy drinks and organic products

To maximize the results of this program it’s recommended to full board option.

Included during Spa treatment sessions

According to medical guideline.

Duration of StayInclude Check-ups
2 Nights1
3-4 Nights2
5-6 Nights3
7-8 Nights4
9-10 Nights5
11-12 Nights6
  • Standard Blood Test: Level of uric acid, ferritin, PSA, triglycerides, glucose, HDL and LDL cholesterol, erythrocytes, hemoglobin and lactic acid.
  • Eco Densitometry, diagnosis of bone mass status, rapid, non-invasive and painless tests to assess problems associated with perimenopause, vitamin D depletion, arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis or hormone replacement therapy.
  • Salud Cardiovascular y Estrés: Envejecimiento de los vasos sanguíneos; Niveles de estrés mental y físico; Aterosclerosis y otros desórdenes.
  • Análisis Cutáneo MS-Derma: grado de hidratación, grasa-sebo, elasticidad y fototipo de piel. Además, nos permite una observación con diferentes cámaras tanto de manchas como del estado de salud de nuestro cuero cabelludo.
  • Cardiovascular Health, control and monitoring of the levels of inflammation in organs and tissues through painless and safe testing.
  • Inflam Catch: exclusive and innovative medical technology that allows to identify and quantify the early inflammation of tissues and organs.
  • Dark Field Microscopy.
  • Oligoscan: measures the possible imbalances of minerals and trace elements as well as the possible accumulation of heavy metals in our tissues. The analysis also includes a balance of oxidative stress as well as an assessment of our antioxidant protection in a quick and painless way. This test carries a supplement of 30 euros for
    person. Direct payment at the hotel.
  • NDIBA® Radio Frequency Session Located 30 min.
  • Localized Deep Tissue Massage.
  • Energizing Acupuncture Session or Anti-Retention of Liquids.
  • Detoxification in Flotarium and Lymphatic Drainage for 30 min.
  • Detox Bath of Essential Oils plus Oxygen Therapy.
  • Draining Wrapper in Algae Poultice with Underwater Massage in Atlantis Royal Bathtub.
  • Acupuncture session with Moxibustion.
  • Localized Bioenergetic Massage Treatment with Suction Cups.
  • Up to € 15 per person and day of courtesy in treatments of the Integrative Wellness card for purchases over € 100 / day.
* Minimum 2 nights stay.
** The options must be different every day. The treatments of this offer will be made in AUGUSTA I.
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